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Started by kinngrimm, Aug 01, 2016, 10:26 PM

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banner creator & artist: Kass

After a dark fortelling by which Fenrir would slay Odin at Ragnarök.
The Æsir betrayed Fenrir and tricked him into binding. Fenris only satisfaction was by biting of Tyrs hand.
Ever since he is waiting

from the Poetic Edda poem Völuspá:
QuoteBrothers will fight
and kill each other,
sisters' children
will defile kinship.
It is harsh in the world,
whoredom rife
--an axe age, a sword age
--shields are riven--
a wind age, a wolf age--
before the world goes headlong.
No man will have
mercy on another

our home is called Thviti at the waters of Ván.
Thviti was the stone onto which Fenrir was bound and by which we bind ourselves to our lands. Ván means hope and reflects our hope to live in peace, but also the warning towards those who may want to unbind us, that we would come and consume them.


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within the Epic Saga:
We are vassals to Pecores who swore to protect us and we will fight for when called upon.

joining the wolves pack:
  • You need a person who speaks out for you, who is already in the pack and willing to risk his reputation and standing with all of us and step up to take you in. That can only be achieved by befriending someone of us. Befriending is to be seen as, greeting us ingame, following us around and helping out where we fight, over time we will take notice. Last not least talk with those wolves you like and ask them about becoming a wolves member.
  • Then starts a 4 week trial period, within we would like you to meet us on our discord channel so we get to know each other and get on our steam group. For further communication and organizational purposes we would need an email address.
  • Last not least [Wolves]_ as prefix to your name as clan Tag and taking on our banner. (Tag/Banner is still left to be seen how the clan/faction system in the end would work, but you should be prepared to accept them)

We need people who are willing to take upon themselves responsibilities and engage activly with us to advance our community.

you should
  • be 20 or older, we make exceptions in a few cases depending on behaviour, skill set and constructive engagement
  • optimal have time at least 1-2 hours in 2-3 days a week. If less or irregularly it is no deal breaker, we have lots of casual players who are only now and then on the fields
you must ( no exceptions here )
  • have at least installed and played oKaM
  • be capable of the English language.
  • follow oKaM rules
  • not be in another oKaM clan with any of your characters, we dont support multiclanning nor banner/xp leeching
  • join with all your characters
  • accept a 1 month trial period in which both sides can cancle the relation without a fuzz
  • accept the following list of rules & principles:
    1. The banner, the name and the tag of the clan is never to be changed.
    2. people going afk, wont be removed from the clan, but get the status 'lone wolf', when they come back, they can interact like no time had passed. An exception would be, when people who have a position within the clan would need to take a leave of absence. Those should make a small message here in our faction hall roughly about from when to when. Depending on how long that would be, we would need to find a replacement for their position. Former members, now in other clans will not be listed, if they want to rejoin they have go through normal recruitment process.
    3. We aim first to get 25 active players and then would within the clan decide if we stick with that or go further to 52 or even 70, that then but will be a 70% majority vote on all active which are reachable within a 1 month time.
    4. every member of the wolves can recruit new clan members, when you like people and got to know them and in general have a good feeling about them, give their name to one in our clan with the privilige to accept them. This is formost about people "you like", which you can imagine to have around regularly, so do not pay attention to player skill but focus on personality when you give us those names. Playerskill can be trained, personality .. wtf we are not their fucking parents   ;)  . Also remember if you recruit someone who is not follwoing our rules and priciples and then stears up trouble within the clan, it may reflect badly on you who recruited him in the first place. So be carefull whom you wish for!

we offer
  • regular hardcore and casual fun players
  • tips, advice and training on duel server

  • our discord channel

    for those who cannot at once speak, add me on discord and steam in your friends list and chat with me so i can take note and add your channel priviliges within discord. Additionally you may want to activate the discord oKaM overlay which you can find in usersettings/games.

The Epic mode/aspect of oKaM/Strategic Open World Simmulator(?):
Within the precursor of oKaM, cRPG/Strategus, i was always trying to get more colors on the map, to help small clans to establish themselves, while not getting stumped on by the really big clans and really big alliances. This has not changed. So if you are a small clan (5 to 25 active members) like ourselves and you are looking for cooperation to keep us both alife, contact me and we can talk things over.

I go so far that if i don't see a comitment to make small clans a viable and fun option till release date or in a mission statement, i 'would' most likely loose permanetly my interest and ambition for this game, combat system or not. If you won't deliver in that aspect or there would not be a noticable community effort for a mod which would handle such.

Links you may want to check out:
Combat Basics
Melee Primer: Advanced Combat

The mode Epic explained


lone wolves:
Viking Berserk
Green Fresh
... and many more


The crazy man with his steel pick. Good times!


^^ ;)


People who are interested in joining the clan of fenris, know this.

Kinngrimm is a very nice dude, and I know this because some years ago I had the pleasure of joining his clan, Wolves.

He is fun to speak on teamspeak, one of the toughest c-rpg shielders, very good leader skill, and last but probably his best trait is that HE HATES RANGED!

If you see a solo dude running like hell after an archer, yeap, its kinngrimm.


Pancake speaking highly of a Germanic Tribesman.....what's next ? Becoming admirer of Turks ?
"His troubles are done. He's feeding the crops now. His wife too. You want to keep a man silent - you silence him."


Quote from: Gnjus on Aug 02, 2016, 02:34 PMPancake speaking highly of a Germanic Tribesman.....what's next ? Becoming admirer of Turks ?
Don't Gnjus, leave Porkanos do it. And we will count how many and how deep  :D


damn panos mate, if i wouldn't know it any better i'd guess you just offered yourself as a bride to me  :P
thx for the high praise and salve to all others as well.


I was waiting on this if it happen :P..  NI!


Call me...



Kinngrimm! Glad to see you!


If this game will be again a game where the more men you have the more you can dictate others and stumped them,
then it may be for me not a very long experience. I am tired of these types of games, i will always be against huge factions and huge alliances, even though i tried within Strategus to succeed through these principles at one point or another.
If this game also then would turn out to be the same circljerk of longtime enemies and friends, carebeering against each other, then i would be definetly  out for good.

First time i created a clan was to have a group of friends around me with whome i can have meaningful conversations. The ways i recognized within Strategus, which would leed to success were not helping with that rather the opposite.

I will continue to follow the progress of okam/epic and if a time comes, that i see it would fullfill certain principles and would allow me to not spent all my time and still could make a stand in the game, then i just maybe put again some effort to establish the Wolves within Okam. Till then this is just a placeholder and i am sceptical. One other hope there would be, that mods may come into existance which would handle some of these issues if not done by the vanila game itself.


If you don't want something to happen, try to make a suggestion thread with how you think this problem should be solved.


I tried that before in strategus to no effect that i would have noticed. For now i just wait and see and come to know first what the visions for this game are and how they are implemented, how it's dynamics will work out afterwards. I can not judge, what i have not really seen in full action first. Then afterwards, i may give some input. I am not much of a visionary, but i am so i like to think, quite skilled in making complaints :) and constructive criticism. If that would be taken serriously then is not up to me, but formost it is not yet the time for that anyways.
The graphics of the promo videos look awesome, then again i have no clue how it would feel to build, organize, defend, fight ... i just had a small training session where my fps flatlines on lowest graphic settings. So patience is in order as i see it and i will tune in from time to time, when i get steam updates.


oooo kinngrimm welcome to new game with carebear alliances :D

but i think it won't happen. If 20k + bought this Life is feudal crap, then i think this game have more chances to get at list that or more. Then we'll have a lot of fresh blood.

when UIF looks at you

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