How long can the cRPG/OKAM community survive? LAST UPDATE: 17.11.2016

Started by Uther Pendragon, Jul 25, 2016, 11:39 PM

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Uther Pendragon

Jul 25, 2016, 11:39 PM Last Edit: Nov 17, 2016, 10:01 PM by Uther Pendragon
(In loving memory of Johammeth who inspired me to get into Dwarf Fortress, which turned out to be one of my favourite games of all time, god speed.)

Have you ever wondered what would it be like if our community was thrown into a world where they had to survive and rely on eachother against all odds?

Well wonder no more, because today your questions shall be answered. Post your names, and maybe you too will become part of this disaster!



A brave group of 7 fools inebriated dwarves was sent into a savage jungle, ordered to build an outpost to further the reach of their mountainhome, Amral. (The Yawning Silvers)

They have booze, food, couple turkeys, dogs and cats, and... a stray donkey.

Our outpost is called Niltoral, translated to Hammerlaw, which is pretty badass.

Short introduction of our heroes:

chadz - the expedition leader and a miner. Absolutely detests moon snails.

Fin - a miner, current Hammerer (position in dwarf justice system, delivers hammerings) and lover of Ed. Likes banana beer, detests worms.

Oberyn - a carpenter and our chief doctor, likes marble, gold, white opals, hates moon snails. Curiously, a lover of Heskey.

Tovi - a mason, bookkeeper and stone crafter. He likes crossbows and groundhogs for their ability to burrow, detests mosquitos.

Heskey - a hunter, competent marksdwarf and the lover of Oberyn. Likes bucklers and ducks for their quacking, hates rats.

Ed - a farmer, likes one-humped camel cheese, hates purring maggots (whatever the hell those are)

Jacko - a broker and a grower, he likes eating skunks and has problems with understanding or managing social relationships.


Lots of trees, which we would be already cutting down if only Ed had a serious axe with him. Unfortunately, we're equipped with 2 wooden training axes, likely someone's cruel joke played upon our unfortunate adventurers.

Our farms level, with workshops and plots for growing shrooms, Jacko's domain.

Giant living area being prepared.

Uneventful first half of the year, finished with 5 migrants arriving, which will be named in the next update.


First off, we've got 5 new souls in the fort

WITCHCRAFT, a marksdwarf with a very mysterious set of skills - he's at the same time an animal trainer, caretaker and dissector. He likes cows for their haunting moos.  :o

Tydeus, a metalsmith (basically a blacksmith making shiny stuff instead of useful equipment), His hair is cinnamon, he likes short swords and he hates flies.

Butan, a farmer. She's married to WITCHCRAFT. As a true frog, likes consuming cave lobster and carrot wine, detests blood gnats which I guess is another term for redcoats.

Tristan, another farmer. Married to Khelbyz. His sideburns are neatly combed, he absolutely detests mosquitos and has very good intuition.

Khelbyz, a mechanic. Wife of Tristan, she likes eating giant skinks and drinking passion fruit wine. *wink wink*

Back in the mines, chadz and Fin have dug out a large deposit of clay, which will be used for making valueable trade goods when a caravan arrives.

Oberyn was tasked with setting up his carpentry workshops for himself and future carpenters, and as soon as we can get a supply of wood coming we'll start mass producing beds. Untill then, Tovi will work on stone tables and thrones for the grand dining hall.


Our booze drink storage is ALMOST DRY

Ed, due to being an useless woodcutter with his wooden axe, was appointed as the master brewer and told to turn some mushrooms into something similiar to alcohol.

Truth be told, dwarves can function without alcohol and by drinking water, but they become severly less efficient and more prone to sudden mood swings while sober, perfectly described by Fin here:

When you can't hammer someone, you can always get hammered yourself.

Our current priority is to get a bloody metal axe and start cutting down some trees, so we can burn them for charcoal and in turn fuel rest of our forges.

Up on the surface, Khelbyz celebrates his first successful hunt. Apparently, aside from being a mechanic, he's also a good shot.

As the dwarves work, a caravan arrives, complete with the outpost liason. Chadz shakes off the dust from his beard and goes to the meeting.

It's damn nice to see ya here, Erith. Did anything change while we were stuck here?

Given our somewhat good situation, only a bigger shipment of plump helmets, the basis of a dwarven diet, was ordered, together with more bolts for our hunters.

Sadly, the dwarves had no metal axes for us to buy, so we only exchanged some of our gems for food. During that, Butan was hastly assigned to gem-cutting duty. Turns out her training as a gelder prepared her well, as she effortlesly made us so very needed goods for the trade---



Gnjus, a stoneworker and husband of Panos. He likes squid leather, pigs for their snorts and gems in general. Prefers consuming dwarven beer and is a faithful worshipper of The Luxuries of Steel, a deity of wealth, mountains, caverns and earth.

Panos, a milker, grower and presser. She's the wife of Gnjus. Her head is extremely tall, she likes turkeys and hedgehogs. She prefers consuming moon snails, which I am sure some dwarves will appreciate.

Naduril, a gem setter. Her nose is slightly hooked, she likes the color gold and hates leeches.


PTX, a farmer. She is very agile, likes eating giant leeches and has great kinesthetic sense. Note to self, consider drawing into militia once formed, appears fit for combat

James, a beekeeper and for some reason an axedwarf, she's very tall and very fat, likes goats for their eating habits and bucklers. Could she be a possible friend for Heskey?

Gravoth, a gelder. This is literally the only skill you have, ripping off animal balls. You have an amazing memory, an iron will, good sense of empathy and a way with words.

Also you're lazy.

Del, a macedwarf and a fishery worker. Definitely getting into the militia once one is formed, he's also tough and agile, however he is unpatient and uncreative. He likes drinking horse milk and hates mussels.

That's it for this update, I'll concentrate on getting up the metal and clay industry running now, combined with some more farming for pig tails (a plant for cloth-making), and mining out remaining parts of the fort. I may or may not relocate few houses deeper into 100% stone layers, since bedrooms that can't be engraved look ew.


Everything is well, there's currently work being done to reinforce our fortress entry with 2 gates--


PTX, Naduril and Del rush out to meet their adversaries

The dirty kobolds managed to run away, and HAMMERLAW continues to be safe.

For reasons unknown to me, the outpost liason who has arrived with the caravn previously doesn't want to leave us, despite his caravan already leaving over a month ago.

He's sitting in our dinning hall, drinking our beer and eating our mushrooms.

Meanwhile, Tovi and Gnjus have sculpted a few statues. Here are some examples of their craft:

Tovi apparently really likes gods and bloodshed

While Gnjus has taken a liking to gazelle men.

I've ordered 4 statues to be put in the grand hall, so our whiny dwarves have something pretty to look at, and ordered a few special sculptures.

Milita barracks are done! All the beds we have have been put in their barracks as a sign of gratitude to the bravest sons of HAMMERLAW, The Crows of Bridging.

Here's PTX, the militia commander, undergoing some complex "Individual combat drill" which involves lying in bed.

My one-handed skill has improved. I'm satisfied.

Sadly, our militia only has a wooden training axe for their exercises, and since we have no coal to make more coal or to start forging anything, we're stuck defenceless for the time being.

WITCHCRAFT and Heskey were put to wood burning duty to prepare us some charcoal as soon as we have coal to begin with.


Year 125 in review:

Food - plenty of it.
Drinks - on the edge since we cannot create more barrels due to the Axe Conspiracy, so after we run out we can only refill the barrels, can't get more.
19 dwarves, 0 children.
Workshops mostly set up, quaters set up and awaiting lumber for beds and coal for metal industry--



Del and Naduril have managed to corner one of the kobold thieves, and quickly introduced him to the cRPG concept of "fisting", groping and bruising him untill his bones gave out. He didn't go down without a fight, thus both dwarves have sustained some minor wounds due to the kobold's dagger. Naduril didn't seem to mind, but needs medical attention.

... Except now we don't have any cloth or threads, and buckets--

Easy come, easy go, now we have buckets and can get some coal made and push this thing forward.

This wraps things up, I guess we can officialy start the smelting now. TUNE IN FOR THE NEXT UPDATE, sometime soon maybe


A whopping 29 immigrant wave!

L, a miner. He's tall and scrawny, likes dogs for their loyalty and hates snails.

Micah, our first bowyer (quickly told to go do carpentry work, since Bowyers don't work often). He has a very long moustache, has great analytical abilities and likes maces.

Norman, a carpenter. Apparently he has killed a human just prior to his arrival. He's quite clumsy, his eyes are bulging and he hates blood gnats.

Xant, a novice marksdwarf. From his thoughts page:

Sums it up. His dark skin is wrinkled and he likes drinking sorghum beer.

Kafein, an animal dissector. He feels horrified due to seeing a rotting kobold body on his way to the fortress. Why didn't anyone clean it!?
He likes bolts, bucklers, amulets, twilight monsters, and hates rats.

Molly, a furnace operator. Sees war as an useful means to an end, and likes ash.

Jarlek, a glazer. He likes moons and yaks for their shaggy hair. Hates spiders, and dreams of mastering a skill. Note, give another job - glazing is not required.

Lennu, a leatherworker. Her hair is straight, her eyebrows are high and she likes catapult parts.

Rico, a wax worker. She feels pleasure near fine tables and has very thin lips. She is mighty.

Arm, a fishery worker, which is just a fancy name for a fisherdwarf. He likes graphite, backpacks and the color eggplant. It's a color? Also he is absolutely disgusted by fire snakes.

Zeus, another fisherdwarf. He's married to Molly, he's rarely sick and his moustache is arranged into double-braids. Has little patience.

JesseO, yet another fisherdwarf. She's married to Xant, is flimsy, sees competition as important and has a good intellect.

Dutchman, JUST a fisherdwarf, which means he knows how to catch fish but doesn't know what to do with them later. She has low cheekbones and has poor focus. Detests flies.

Archibot, a farmer. Her nose bridge is somewhat concave whatever that bloody means. She values cunning and dreams of raising a family.

Arn, a farmer. Not to be confused with Arm. He's married to Archibot and they have 6 children together, but they apparently left them somewhere else, which shows how the dream of raising a family is going for Archibot. Arn likes training spears and pigs, does not respects the law.

Black Bird, a farmer and killer of a giant wolf called Wadstruck. She's married to Jarlek, is almost never sick, doesn't value fighting skills and has an iffy sense for music.

Cyber, another farmer. He's interested in seats, is married to Dutchman and has a clean-shaved head. Likes shark teeth, maces, helms and hates snails.

Abay, farmer and the wife of Kafein. She's mighty but really slow to heal, values artwork and dreams of mastering a skill.

Everkistus, wife of Norman. She likes spears, gauntlets, figurines, ducks for their quacks and lime trees. Prefers eating pig cheese and blackberry wine. Her hair is extremely long.

Cymro, a shearer. She does not care about fairness and likes to follow her impulses. Likes bobcats, war hammers and has a broad body.

Gmnotutoo, a spinner. He's quick to tire, slow to heal, has difficulty with words, quite poor focus, poor memory and bad intuition. Fate wasn't kind to you. He likes fire men for their licks of fire.

Saxon, a pump operator. She's married to Gmnotutoo, is agile, has very long hair tied in a pony tail. She has little willpower. She likes flying squirrel men.

Kalp, a siege engineer. She's tough, strong, almost never sick and quick to heal, however she's clumsy. She likes scepters, crosses, prefers drinking dwarven wine.

Bobby, a siege operator. She's married to Arm. She has a low voice, long eyelashes and dark tan skin. Likes wood and battle axes, values independence.

Jona a peasant assigned to engraving duty. He's married to Cymro. He is indefatigable and strong, perfect for working long years smoothing stone in the fortress. He also likes giant mountain goat hooves.

Iaerth, a peasant assigned to smelting duty. He's married to Lennu. He likes giant snail shells. He finds romance distasteful. He absolutely detests slugs.

And meanwhile, this happened:

So now we also have 3 kids - Bobby Jr, Black Bird Jr and (fresh outta the oven) Butan Jr and Khelbyz Jr.

Basically, we've just doubled our population of vermin-hating, quirky dwarves.

Speaking of vermin, Khelbyz has just came back from the hunt.

Here's the state of the fortress.

The entrance is well guarded, with 2 Gates, a barracks nearby which guards the hospital.

The farms are well maintained and producing enough food so that starving is not an option, plus the turkey farm is well growing.

The living area is getting furniture - cabinets, doors, and soon beds.

And here is our benevolent expedition leader, working hard on the surface.



Vovka, a metalsmith. He needs alcohol to get through the working day, is thin but has incredible muscles, hates purring maggots.

Ego, a blacksmith. She's very flimsy. She can handle stress pretty well. She likes enormous corkscrews and hates moon snails.

POOPHAMMER, a ranger. She is almost never sick. She likes damselfly men and cow bones.

Genghis Khan, a fishery worker. She's very quick to tire and clumsy. He also likes horses for their strength. THE GAME JUST KNOWS

Guy, a fishery worker. She's married to Vovka. Her hair is wavy, she's very strong and she often feels discouraged.

Alpha, a farmer. His straight hair is dry and tied into a pony tail, he has a broad chin and likes llama leather. He detests moon snails, like so many other in his culture.

Djavo, a brewer. She has a good intellect, likes bolts and dreams of raising a family.

Odinvalhalla, husband of Djavo and an administrator. He is incredibly tough and has a great affinity for language.

Tor, a peasant assigned to militia. He has a broad body made broader still by no shortage of surrounding lard, and hates slugs.

Olwen, a peasant assigned to militia. He is married to POOPHAMMER. He is quite clumsy and easily gets sick. His very long sideburns are neatly combed and he does not care about friendships.

Phew, damn that was a load of migrants in this update and little action. Charcoal is being created and lignite is burned for even more coal, and as we're mining into the silver deposits, we'll soon have a shiny equipment ready for our militia and a fuckin axe for the wood cutters.

I'll try to get more action into the next update, hopefully involving cavern exploration  :-[

Aaand I ran out of character space for the next episode :(

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Not enough characters for more updates :(
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