AVG Identifies Launcher As Virus?

Started by MadDogWest, Jul 13, 2016, 08:36 PM

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Went to launch the game after today's update (worked fine last night, no problems) and AVG identified the launcher as "IDP.ALEXA.51" and wanted to quarantine it. Thought I should pass that along.



It's probably because the game gathers data, logs and pc specs to send to the devs.


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This isn't anything that they can fix so there's not much of a point posting it here, only thing you can do is submit a request to AVG to remove it from the detection thing. (Can't remember how to do this :C)

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Maybe the site from where you installed game could have been malicious... as far as removal of  "IDP.ALEXA.51" is concerned, you need to use premium version, I guess. However, you can try manual steps as given here http://www.removemalwarevirus.com/how-do-i-delete-idp-alexa-51-virus-best-way-to-eliminate-idp-alexa-51


False positive.
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The thread is from July when a launcher was used. All game files are now being downloaded from Steam servers, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't allow malicious files. If it happens now, it's either an overly protective anti-virus, or an external virus causing it. Find a guide on how to clean the virus and reinstall the game.


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Is there another possibility to load the game than via Steam?


I know if you try to play while having steam offline you can't connect to the game. Tells you that there is no connection to steam or sth

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