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Started by wrathofmara, Apr 20, 2017, 04:13 PM

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[NSX] - Nervous System Shock Warband

"There was once a forest man who lived on the fringe of Pale Lake. He lived a simple life and was left to be by his neighbours. They say he was found on the shoreline by Luthica, a young girl that wore a green hair ribbon who worked at the nearby orphanage surrounded by a pack of dogs trying to tear his limbs off with a mysterious package beside him. After nursing him back to health, she reintroduced his package to him and let him know of a small shack hidden within the forest of Pale Lake that he could use. Here he found a strange hat with a golden tip, a foraging axe, and a pack of tattered clothes

Every week, the man would gather his foraged goods and take it to the Vineyard Orphanage to help feed his friends. The Vineyard Orphanage was founded by the former Grandmaster of the Knights Order who then took to a modest life after the great war of the RedHand many years ago. He died before the stranger arrived into Pale Lake, but has heard of the many stories of his great festivals within the Great Halls of KO on top of Fort Jerichos Hill.

One day, ominous sounds overtook the atmosphere turning the peaceful landscape into a devastated hull. The sounds intrigued the forest man and so he equipped himself and made his way closer to the sounds. Unbeknownst to him, danger followed and caused injury to the man, leaving him unconscious for days.

When he came to, all he could smell was scorched earth. He prepared himself and set out to seek his friends at the orphanage. At his arrival, he found nothing but the stone walls of the building shattered with broken lumber burned and littered across the lot. Through careful exploration, he noticed a frayed green ribbon yielding lifelessly to the scattering wind with bones overlaying each other beneath it.

After mourning he decided to set out to find out who was responsible for this heartbreaking act and set out to journey through the land. He came to find that famine and drought was the ruler of the land and went on for weeks before he saw any other living men.

He arrived at a settlement where he began to ask information about the orphanage. This led to prying ears grasping hold of his presence and and the forest man was quickly turned away for help. After enduring some dangerous encounters, he was halted by a Knight Errant claiming that his words were like weapons, but dead men can't talk. The knight errant disabled the forest man but left him the answer he was looking for:

-Under the order of King Ferdinand the man responsible for the orphanage was the Man in the Iron Mask-

Filled with certainty and motivated by compassion, the forest man went on to gather alliances and resources in order to discover the truth behind the massacre of Pale Lake."


>Clan Availability : 8/15 Positions Filled  (max 45 total 8 units)

>NA based, EU friendly 

> Playing schedule :

-Daily 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm (EST) 
-Wednesday Skirmish 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm (ESt  EU server)
-Saturdays Big Battle 3:00 pm - 5:00pm (EST EU server) 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm (EST NA server)
-Sundays Clan Practice 3:00 pm (EST  NA/EU server)

>English Speaking

>Room for any player who wishes to become better at the game than they were yesterday

NSX Shock Warband is about enjoying gameplay through the mobility and versatility of the 5-man unit. Each unit has weaponmasters of their specialty, that can all hold their own against great warriors. The Shock Warband boasts its effectiveness not on single player domination but on unfailing determination to protect the unit at all costs. This leads to more battles won, and less lives lost.

Each 5-man unit is comprised of a Captain, a Captain Guard, and 3 Specialists. Each rank has pre-determined qualifications with the Captain rank requiring the unique ability to raise combat power when their allies are in danger and also communicate effective tactics.

Focus: Teamwork, Survivability, Friendship, and Skill Refinement

Humility - everyone was once a beginner, and not everyone can be a master. But everyone has potential and deserves that to be respected.

- attend at least one weekly event and occasional practice sessions

- access to our communication device is essential for new recruits and newly formed teams to be cohesive. News, Dev Updates, and Clan events will be posted on the channel

All ages welcome but immaturity will always be moderated and never tolerated. (some younger ages can be mature, while adults can be immature)

As a member of [NSX] Shock Warband you can:
-join in clan party during events
-receive clan specific fighting styles
-be a part of your chosen unit. If a unit is full, you can apply for a Captain rank to start your own unit.
-wear the [NSX] tag which grants automatic respect from our EU friends. Easily lost if you do not live up to it! (i.e. be mean to people)

What a member of the nervous system does:
The nervous system is based on the system of the human body which relays information and delegates actions. This means that no portion of the structure is worth more or less than the other and each is important to one another. While the rank may differ in name, the roles remain the same:

Teamwork- do your individual best to save an ally against a formidable foe, but never sacrifice yourself. In some cases, 1 v many can be disadvantageous to the many for underestimating the 1.

Training - each individual is responsible for their enjoyment of the game. As a clan we cannot force you to play, but can guarantee you that the game feels more enjoyable the better you become at it. Through observation, each currently active clan consists of Clan Specialty's in their style of fighting and membership.

NSX has its own set of Clan Specific fighting styles that was developed through the help of the other major clans.

Respect - respect is always earned when it comes to skill. Let your kills do the talking on the battlefield and earn yourself respect points among the veterans. Bad mouthing only leads to more bad mouthing, so if you feel unable to play well that day, take a break and relax for the day.

Loyalty - there is no such thing in NSX, we are a group who aim to help people become strong and that is it only. If the strong choose to remain then they have a place to belong. Leashes are meant to be torn, cages meant to be broken, but a haven is a place to gather.

Weaponmasters of NSX:

The Morning Stars (Medium and Heavy Blunt- Polearm/Shields)
The Rhodoks (Crossbows and Spears)
The Qin (Archers, Glaive, 1h sword)

One of the most unique characteristics of NSX is our ability to be versatile weapon users. Therefore, only 2 highly qualified fighters in the clan are granted the right to use the 2h swords exclusively.

Clan Hosted Events:

Saturday NA (9:00 pm EST)
Sunday NA/EU (3:00 pm EST)

Daily Training (6:00 pm-10:00 pm EST)

How To Join:
-Find or Add [NSX]Mara  on steam or in-game
- Qualify for a footman position by fulfilling 50 duels. This is to test and observe the individual's current ability.
- Join the Discord https://discord.gg/jUT2n3C

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King Ferdnand

Nice work Mara, i hope u can solve the riddle of Pale Lake some day.

The gates of the kingdom shall always be wide open to you and all of your followers.


Good luck with the clan Mara

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