Land of Lords (medieval pvp city building browser game)

Started by CapraHircus, Jan 07, 2017, 10:18 am

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I'm building two barracks in each and one is on medium atm. Gonna take a while to get them going as well since my second domains doesn't have that strong of an economy.


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gonna make a bunch of soldiers then RDM some one, no one tell!  Also who are we warring?  I might start building extra wooden castles as well.


Can't say more on a public forum, but it's not likely to happen anyway.

Just a few things about combat (thanks to tests by Spud and Kowcioo):
- archers are garbage, crossbowmen is where it's at
- halberdiers are garbage, pikemen is where it's at
- knights if you want to completely shit on any other unit


You'll get more active responses on the cRPG 'Lands of Lords' thread Archi. I don't want to double the activity of this forum by talking about a good game like Lands of Lords. (btw, what's Steam's policy regarding steam reviews that actively advertise other games? Still havent left one for this hot garbage yet)

For troops I'd warn you that right now crossbowmen are very expensive to train unless you can produce your own brigandines.

Knights should become vastly cheaper and easier to mass when spring hits the north, unless you have more gold than you know what to do with or need them immediately I wouldn't recommend that line of troops just yet.

@Vibe interesting about the pikemen vs halbs, I wasn't aware of them being better other than being able to hit from behind other units. What other advantages do they have? I'd read that halbs on average had better defense, and I can only imagine pikeman retaliation being effective in either a very open battle or one where an opponent attacks a 'formation' of your troops as they hop around trying to get their 2-space distance to retaliate.


Yeah I'd prefer not having to visit this forum anymore as well. So here's the link:

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