Elium - Prison Escape

Started by Chosker, Jan 01, 2017, 07:43 pm

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well no, it's both 1st person and 3rd person as I described.
blocks can only be held when using a shield but not for parrying with a sword (so it's even more timing-based), and attacks can actually be held but only for a short time before they auto-continue. while holding the attack you can also cancel it though

but yeah there's a Chiv-like dodge move


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Teaser trailer unveiled!

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Interesting game, looks like it could be fun to play.
I wouldn't pay more than 5-10€ for it though. 
Most animations look pretty clunky to me.


I find games like this very hard to judge just from videos, really need to play it myself to know.



Time for a small update.
A lot of effort went into improving the pathfinding lately which took quite some time. But in the meantime many other improvements have been made all around.
Among the latest, I've polished the way kick works when near ledges, also causing tripping before the fall



New update to report. I've added an axe and will soon be finishing a mace, which help adding some variety to the combat.
Chopping heads with the axe feels even more chunky :)

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