Faction Leaders of OKAM - Would you be up for that?

Started by chadz, Sep 13, 2016, 09:00 pm

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Quote from: Turalyon on Sep 22, 2016, 03:53 amDocumentary should be a two-three minute video explaining what the faction is and what awesome siege or what not they executed. Not 1 - 2 HR's. 2-3 minutes of high production.
I think he meant at the end of the epic round, aka when one kingdom wins
1-2 hours would be too extreme for a daily thing.
I am not sure that 1-2 hours worth of talking will happen on most days. Every now and then maybe, but some days will probably be a bit boring.


sounds interesting, we wont know if it wont work till we give it a good try.


I have taken it upon myself to record the history of the great houses of the Epic in the first few months.

Our Father Chadz who art in programming, Hallowed be thy code.


I'll write the first chapter right now.

"No one's home" - The end


They were hundreds of peasants, but they disappeared into thin air. what happened ? No one will ever know. One more mystery life will hold

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