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Started by pogosan, Sep 12, 2016, 08:41 PM

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What style of dev frames would you prefer?

Serious - Strict progress reports without silly comments or emoticons
Casual - Similar to what we have now with occasional funny photoshopped pictures, etc.
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Yeah I love the detail in the armour, it's really nice. Ozin's maps are looking awesome as well!

i did it dad i reached 1000

Bob Gnarly

Loving the frequency of these dev frames, good job!


Quote from: kinngrimm on Sep 14, 2016, 09:44 PM
Quote from: pogosan on Sep 14, 2016, 09:28 PM...

flying carpets confirmed
Aladin, his friends and their boomsticks riding into the sunset on their flying carpet after spreading their love to a village far far away.

Now they are on the look out for a new home, where they can bring justice and order for all of us.
A secret test of cloak physics?!?!?!


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Bug fixing patch has been released today! Experienced not being able to spawn in Skirmish? No more! Squads update (now called Parties!) is almost ready to be released and If you want to find out what major feature will future updates bring, take a look at the roadmap of development!

  • Zimke - working on custom coloring for helmets! Equipment customization is not yet implemented, preparing for the future never hurts though ;)
  • Logen - fixing and improving polearm and one-handed weapons attack animation, like shield position during swing. Also, continuing his work on hit impact animation, which was redone at least 10 times already!

Today's random quote:

Quote from: KromIm drinking some fine Irish whiskey in the streets of Belfast.
Getting cultured.
I also watched some sword fighting.
On Facebook page.
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Sneak Peeks

Today is Zimke exclusive sneak peek. Look how pretty those helmets are! (yes, it's coif under the helmet!)

I was curious whether coloring helmets is a historically proven fact. Zimke responded with these pictures.


Fix the spawns on the maps!


Oh this is nice!

So, does this mean we can print symbols on our helmets as well or just colors?


Quote from: Siegbert on Sep 17, 2016, 08:43 AMSo, does this mean we can print symbols on our helmets as well or just colors?
I guess coloring is pretty much confirmed for the future, don't know about applying heraldry to it though.

[MF]Sir Alex

I am pretty sure they already confirmed Heraldry in the game.


Quote from: [MF]Sir Alex on Sep 17, 2016, 01:53 PMI am pretty sure they already confirmed Heraldry in the game.
Yes, but I'm talking specifically about putting your heraldry on helmet ;)


Maybe they'll offer a number of different heraldry to put on your helmet to make sure it doesn't look ridiculous like the cross symbol the flat top helmet already has.



There was a lengthy discussion about game balance today! Your suggestions and complaints help the balancing team a lot and will drastically speed up the development. Making different weapon types distinguishable creating more diversity is one of their priorities right now!

If you're not engaging in balance discussion already, follow this link to find balancing section on forums:

Today is Saturday, but coders have been working whole day since early morning!

cmp - fixing errors that impeded readability of game log and working on displaying grass LOD properly.

Today's random quote:

Quote from: SoundwizardWhy is he naked
Actually, I don't wanna know
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Sneak Peeks

Ozin showed his progress on mountain map!

People were asking for more single color greathelmets. Check these out!


Great updates!

Is that video of the voice command recordings still coming? would love to see/hear that :)


Quote from: OtisDriftwood on Sep 17, 2016, 10:52 PMGreat updates!

Is that video of the voice command recordings still coming? would love to see/hear that :)
Thomek has a lot of footage from what I've heard. It'll take some time to process it and make an interesting video ;)


Weekly 1

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's been a long week, full of coding, patching, polishing, and testing. The team is tired, yet continues the work to provide the best gaming experience possible. This is only the seventh dev frame and the format is a topic for discussion, I hope that together we'll figure out the best way to present the progress of the development. Your suggestions and ideas in this thread will be most helpful!

Weekend Wrap-Up is a summarization of the progress made during that week. If you find some sections lacking details, it most likely means that the dev is either very busy or a coder :D



chadz is working on Epic day and night. It's practically impossible to see him online since it takes incredible amount of concentration to be able to code for so long. Even a tiny message on Discord is able to ruin the focus. Let's wish him luck ;)

Epic is in test mode right now. In 1.5.0 Update World details were added - forests, huts, fields, etc.


"Fixing crashes, setting up nightly builds, making patching less painful. Also, started working on particle systems. In my free time trying to improve distant grass and trees."

With nightly builds players will be able to test new features alongside devs!


"Fixing bugs. Finished skirmishes. Preparing party system for testing on nightly build."

"Skirmish" game mode has been implemented in 1.5.0 Update.


"Bugfix. Collecting game statistics." - Game statistic collection is required in order to work on game balance more efficiently.

All kinds of data will be collected - kill/death ratio, xp gain, etc.


Harald has been working on new administration tools. They should make keeping track of all banned users much easier.

Administration tools will help with punishing rule breakers.



"Settling in after move. Lots of exciting Ikea things. Order new comp. Lost cat. Found cat. Made stew." - Jacko recently moved out of the office and works remotely. No time will be wasted on everyday commute!

Donkey Crew's office in Belfast.


Fin is a composer of the team. Sadly, in Belfast he didn't have enough instruments to continue his work on new music, so he moved back to his studio and is setting up new furniture. He promised to show the new table and whole lot of instruments in a few days!

Instrumental version of main theme by Fin.


Zimke has been recently working on new armor for the game. Different kinds of mail mittens, new coloring for greathelmets, and leather gloves (which haven't been shown yet). He sheds light on historical sources for his work, as well as answering history related questions in his thread: Link

New mail mittens that will be added in one of the future updates.Custom coloring of Greathelmet


"Been recording a voice update, finalzing, editing it. Also been tinkering with a procedural way to generate flora maps for quick and easy future use."

Sneak peek of voice recording.Flora map made by Thomek


Logen was working on improving different combat related animations - attacking with polearms, one-handed weapons and so on. Also, animation of being hit is one of the priorities right now.

Realistic animation is essential for skill-based combat.


"Prepared 'lowlands' conquest map for release - found many problems in testing (floating props, areas players could get trapped), fixed most. Tucked in mail coif meshes to work with all helmets and fixed some major clipping with scale armour. Went to Ikea, made pancakes, started watching Mr. Robot."

"Lowlands" map, introduced in 1.5.0 update.


"Played around with different skies. Testing out environment programs for atmospheres. Fixed and edited maps being used for skirmish and conquest. Rigged/weight painted ribbons and mail mittens created by Zimke. Visited family in Carlingford Co. Louth"

New sky that Krom is working on.

With Skirmish mode in 1.5.0 update came new maps.


"Sound designing effects meant from a player's perspective." - new hitting sounds and so on.

Hitting will be much more noticeable in future.


"Developed procedural workflows for creating certain types of terrain and the related textures. Building a library of terrain types will come in handy for quickly generating new maps later on, especially for the rework of "the epic" world."

Progress on terrain made by Ozin


Your work ethic is admirable.

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