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Started by pogosan, Feb 17, 2017, 12:39 PM

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New nightly is up!

Conquest Changes

- Added a scalable amount of flags; The more players join, the more flags unlock.
- Added the Castle map with new flags placement.

Main Changes

- Added notifications when Conquest population is low, but there are players on Duel.
- Added a community events information to the main menu.
- Added a button to the main menu that leads to the official Discord channel.
- Made the patch notes window open only once after a patch; Click a button to open it again later.
- Added a temporary background for multiple UI elements.
- Added a projectile count reset when a duel starts.
- Added a notification for getting coins.

Combat Changes

- Increased holding time for all bows by 40%.
- Increased reloading speed of all bows by 10%.
- Increased reloading speed of all crossbows by 15%.
- Slightly reduced overall encumbrance effect on reloading speed for ranged weapons.
- Heavily reduced encumbrance of bows and crossbows.
- Slightly increased weight of bows and crossbows; Weight affects only movement acceleration.
- Allowed sprinting while holding a crossbow.
- Removed knock back on shield breaking.
- Added shield damage when hit with projectiles.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed bow string stuck when canceling a shot.
- Fixed Duel invite window not appearing when standing near corpses.
- Fixed arrows not showing when hitting a head.
- Fixed arrows not showing when hitting a shield.
- Fixed wrong bow models.


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