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Started by pogosan, Sep 12, 2016, 08:41 PM

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What style of dev frames would you prefer?

Serious - Strict progress reports without silly comments or emoticons
Casual - Similar to what we have now with occasional funny photoshopped pictures, etc.
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All dev frames are posted on official website: http://ofkingsandmen.net/
You can find an archive of dev frames here: Link

Latest dev frame: LINK




Coders are coding, mappers are mapping, and Thomek is assembling a team for voice commands recording! Excited to scream "Shield Wall" instead of repeated yelling? We all are! But there's more to it. There is likely a video of the process coming too!

Today's random quote:

QuoteFastest mount in the game will be a donkey
with fire particle effects behind it
Ozin continues his work on extremely huge mountain map. Looks amazing so far and that's without a single prop yet!

Remember this screen from yesterday's update?

If you think Ozin is simply using some mapping tool you're dead wrong! Here is what the map looks like in World Machine (development tool):

Also, there was a closed testing of Skirmish game mode today. It went quite well, from what serr and the other coders are saying. It still needs some polishing, but public tests will be very helpful in the future!

Community overview

Okam community is growing every day! Some players are spamming Discord with completely non-game related discussion, others are on the forums, sharing their opinions on game balance and World politics. And some people are cutting down trees…

If you have spare time on your hands I suggest reading a story of forgotten beasts and shields production, written in a most exquisite manner by Uther:


Epic is being fixed and tested, it might be a good idea to prepare for the future and find yourself a faithful faction if you haven't done so. We have a whole sub-forum for that!

For those who missed it, I remind that there's a game balancing sub-forum now. I encourage everyone to discuss the most problematic equipment, share you opinion, and provide suggestions on the team autobalance.

Sneak Peeks

There are quite a few maps in development besides Ozin's mountains. Shh.
Luckily, I managed to grab some pictures for you!

There is a new map for conquest (which is WIP of course), between you and me, that map is gigantic and beautiful even while not finished. It features bogs, villages, huts, a small fortress, forests and probably many other things I simply couldn't notice because of its size.

Here is a sneak peek of a farmer's house. There are crops all around it :D

As you all know, Skirmish is coming soon, and it means there are new maps to come! Here's a screenshot of one of them.

I guess that's it for today! Hope you liked this tiny blog-like update. Please check out polls in this thread and vote for whatever you want. Also, please share your suggestions about these "devblogs" :)


Thanks for the update



Very nice. Always love to get some sneak peeks :)

Uthred Ragnarson


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I would like more shrubbery in Twin Peeks.

Ni !

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Quote from: pogosan on Sep 12, 2016, 08:41 PMIf you think Ozin is simply using some mapping tool you're dead wrong! Here is what the map looks like in World Machine (development tool):[/color]

What am i looking at? O_o


Reminds me of the scripting ui you have with unreal engine where you could set boxes and simply connect them to get running scripts or to set colours and stuff :'D


Quote from: Tydeus on Sep 12, 2016, 08:51 PM
Quote from: pogosan on Sep 12, 2016, 08:41 PM
You should have seen the World Machine representation of the initial epic map. It was at least twice as large and convoluted, iirc :D


When epic would be life, would the current villages/castles/towns build by players being put into the map rotation?


Quote from: kinngrimm on Sep 13, 2016, 02:27 PMWhen epic would be life, would the current villages/castles/towns build by players being put into the map rotation?
I don't think there are any currently - they are only icons on the map.


Quote from: HESKEYTIME on Sep 13, 2016, 03:04 PM[stuff]
Kinngrimm asked:

"When the Open World is up and players can build their own village/castles/towns, will those player-made villages/castles/towns be added to the standard map rotation?"

Golem answered:

"The towns on the map are not player-made and are just nothing more than icons at the moment."

Makes sense...


See what I thought he said is: Once Epic goes live, will all the villages that've been build up until now be added to the map rotation?

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